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Table Of Contents

A Word From The Author
How To Use This Book

Chapter 1   Revitalizing Community Is Urgent Business
Chapter 2   Personal Village: The Most Valuable Asset In Your Life
Chapter 3   Where Is The Intimacy?
Chapter 4   Roaming In Your Personal Village
Chapter 5   Rubbing Elbows With Your Neighbors
Chapter 6   Fellowships Open Doors
                  Fellowship Evaluation Checklist
Chapter 7   Fine Conversation In The Stimulating Salon
                  Conversation Guidelines
Chapter 8   From Stranger To Casual Friend
                  Dangerous Behavior Checklist
Chapter 9   Roots In Friendship
Chapter 10 The Cozy Coterie
Chapter 11 A Real Family For You
Chapter 12 Embrace Your Endings
Chapter 13 Now It Is Up To You and Me

The Personal Village Project
Community Effectiveness Test
How To Interpret The Test
Discussion Guide
A Conversation With The Author

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