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Marv's Picks
Latcho Drom a French film created by Tony Gatlif, 1993

A deeply touching view into the music and dance of the Roma (gypsies) from India to Spain, from Egypt to Germany. These nomadic people, often despised by the more settled folk of the land, have learned to survive and thrive by creating intensely strong personal villages. Filmed on location with the actual people playing their own music in their own settings, this profoundly human and communal sweep unfolds in the most breathtaking way. These people, are refugees of persecution just like we are refugees, driven from our humanness by our technology. They have much to teach us about community. This film is a little out of the mainstream so you may have to search to find it. It will be worth the search.
I Could Do Anything if I Only Knew What It Was by Barbara Sher, 1994

You can create the kind of community you want if you know what you want. If you are still puzzling about how to focus you community direction, or your life for that matter, Barbara will lead you though a very clear and easy to understand process which will give you clarity.
Calling The Circle, The first and Future Culture by Christina Baldwin, 1994, 1998

Many different types of groups exist that are not salons or coteries and yet are vital as centers of life. Christina has pulled together the science of group dynamics and the collective wisdom of the ages into a very readable and practical book. Her material is for every person who wants to know the secrets about how to make any group work. If you are a group facilitator this is essential for you. If you are a parent this material will help your family. If you are a group participant the guidance she provides will be invaluable. I cannot recommend it highly enough.

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Paris Was A Woman A documentary video, 1995

In the early 1900s, the Left Bank of Paris was a intellectual and literary hot bed. This documentary captures on film the salons and activities of such people as Gertrude Stein, Picasso, Hemingway and James Joyce as well as a host of others. If you are a literature or a history buff you can actually watch the early French salons in operation as these geniuses support one other.
The Sociopath Next Door by Martha Stout, Ph.D., 2005

Unfortunately many people lack the ability to know that other people have emotions or a tender heart. In spite of that they often can be initially be quite delightful, engaging and appealing though eventually they prove to be quite annoying, even untrustworthy. Some of these folks will use their ability to charm in order to manipulate others into very disagreeable, sometimes even dangerous situations. These unfeeling people are called sociopaths. Martha claims that one out of 25 people fall into this category. They are all around us. She describes how they tick, how to recognize when you are entangled with one and how to protect yourself. If you are not familiar with how the sociopath works and may work you, you absolutely need to read this book.
Beaches a film with Bette Middler and Barbara Hershey, 1988

A true friendship is filled with delight, surprises, hard work and disappointment. Ultimately it is the commitment between two people to be real with each other which bridges across the hard times and brings their hearts together. This realistic and touching story of a long term relationship between two professional women shows the hard journey across the years required to forge a true bond of friendship. You will laugh. You will cry. The memory of the story will stay with you.
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