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What People Are Saying About The Book, "Personal Village"

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"Author seeks to help create villages of friends for support throughout life."
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    Dan Webster, Staff Writer     Spokesman Review, March 20, 2004 book review
"Personal Village: How To Have People In Your Life By Choice, Not Chance by expert relationship therapist Marvin Thomas is a do-it-yourself style "self-help" guide to resisting the dehumanizing and impersonal forces of the 21st century while establishing closer bonds with the people around us. Personal Village is especially recommended for offering a wealth of accessible, practical advice concerning avoiding destructive individuals; reinforcing and celebrating lasting friendships; and keeping our circle of friends diversified so that when change and loss occur we are not left alone."
    Midwest Book Review
    from Oregon, WI USA book review:
"Personal Village is a terrific guide for anyone who has relocated, divorced, changed jobs, left a community of any kind and is now trying to reestablish themselves. I retired a few years ago and have found the ideas here to be what I was looking for. Personal Village is a marvelous resource for anyone looking for help in gathering friends. The book is well organized, the ideas worthwhile. Chapter layout is clear, good summary and the list of materials is helpful."
    John C. Ashford
    from Seattle, WA United States
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"An engrossing and important book about how to enrich our lives, enlarge our relationships and restore the sense of community that links us to others. Marv Thomas's wise words remind us that the possibilities for love, friendship and connection are all around us, if only we open our eyes and our hearts. Personal Village is a must-read for everyone who wants a fuller, more joyous life."
    Jane Adams, author, "When Our Grown Kids Disappoint Us"
"Marvin Thomas has written a fascinating book on friendship in the modern world. . . .(He) has filled "Personal Village" with a lifetime of wisdom and a collection of interesting and inspirational ideas to enable you to live a fuller, more enjoyable life no matter where you live."

"The advice in this book works and will encourage you to participate more fully in your community."
    Reviewed by Rebecca Johnson for
"Personal Village is a mind-opening read about the growth of civilization, and the effect that developments in technology have had upon human beings. Marvin Thomas's book is a guide and a wake-up call. In his Epilogue, the author offers these words: 'When a mother cares for her child, that is greatness. When a song is sung. That is greatness. When a sunset is watched that is greatness. We need each other: our personal villages'"
    J.A. Kaszuba Locke for Review
"Much has been written about the lonely city. Marvin Thomas shows us it need not be that way. The people around us can be our support and we can help each other enrich our lives. Personal Village is an instruction manual of sorts explaining how we can achieve the community and relationships we all long for"
    Eric Miller for The New Colonist
"In a time when many of us are feeling more disconnected from the people around us than ever before, Marv Thomas' book, Personal Village, is a tool that can help bring us together and find that connection that is missing and that can give our lives more meaning and satisfaction."
    Reviewed by Jennifer Thompson for Diva Tribe --
"A new look at how we interact with others in our lives, Personal Village explores interpersonal skills and the idea of 'community.' After being a part of one of Marv Thomas's presentations, this book is a valuable resource."
    Joy MacTavish, bookseller, Village Books
"This is the most intelligent work on personal community I ever seen. I give copies of this book to my clients because it is the only source I know where they can learn how to create for themselves a vital personal village. This book is astounding."
    Lauri Dwinell, LICSW, Clinical Social Worker
"I love Personal Village. I give it to my patients all the time. They find it so helpful. It is a wonderful book"
    Susan Clark MD, Psychiatrist
"In Personal Village, Marv Thomas puts forth the most critical challenge facing the information society. Will we base our survival and happiness on knowing each other, or will we attempt to fill our lives with goods, hit and run communication and stimulation? Thomas believes, and I agree, that as humans we can only thrive, perhaps even survive, in real contact with others. Our health, our happiness, and the survival of humane democracy depend on it. Thomas knows this territory deeply and is committed from his heart to showing us how to build a fabric of relationship with others around us at every level. Personal Village is a must read for our time."
    David York, Ph.D., Psychologist

Book review by Marc Pilsiuk, author of The Healing Web: Social Networks and Human Survival
"In Personal Village...Thomas applies a simple, direct, and yet compassionate style to the 'ABC's' of finding people, connecting with people, and experiencing a sense of closeness. "
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